Boys 3/4-Rules

UpdatedFriday August 13, 2021 bySean Caine.

UALA 3/4 Rules

USA Lacrosse Boys Youth Rules govern play with several local rule modifications:

  • We will play 7 v 7 on shortened field measuring roughly 30 by 60 yds. using USA Lacrosse guidelines for boys reduced squad play.
  • Crosses will be 37”-42” in length. No long poles.
  • Select teams will play 10 v 10.
  • Play will be divided into four 10-minute long quarters with a running clock, a 2-minute interval between quarters, and a 5-minute halftime.
  • Each team gets one one-minute timeout per half.
  • Substitution will occur as close as possible to every 2 minutes during natural stoppage of play.  Players will rotate from defense to middie to attack then off to the sidelines to ensure equal play at all positions.  The Timekeeper will notify coaches and referees as 2-minute intervals are approaching and horn will sound at stoppage to allow substitution.  Players may also perform running substitution through the box at coaches’ discretion during normal game play.
  • Faceoffs occur at midfield at the start of each quarter. When facing off, the attack and defense for each team will line up behind GLE until possession is gained.  The referees will declare “possession” once the ball is controlled.
  • When a goal is scored, the scoring team attackmen and both sets of middies will drop to midfield and wait.  Play will restart with the goalie passing to one of the defensemen to the left and right of the goal. The attackmen and midfielders held at midfield will be released upon the defensive player securing the pass from the goalie. 
  • Groundballs may not be raked or scoped one-handed.  Either of these results in loss of possession.
  • Loose balls covered by the goalie crosse in the crease or if the goalie has one or two feet in the crease will be the “Goalies Ball”.  The Referees will control play by declaring “Goalie Ball” when the ball is covered.
  • Proper checking is a point of emphasis.  No down checking on ground balls is allowed.  However, down checking is permitted in the form of a slap check by the defender guarding an offensive player with possession of the ball above his waist.  Overhead checks and one-handed checks are presumed to be a penalty for slashing. 
  • No body checking is permitted although equal pressure within 3 yards of a ground ball in a man-ball or boxing out situation is allowed.
  • No takeout checks along the sideline shall be permitted.
  • Technical penalties (downcheck, raking, loose ball push, etc.) are enforced with change of possession. 
  • Personal fouls are enforced with offending player leaving field of play for instruction by his coach and a “Man Up/ Fast Break” situation will be awarded to the opposing team.  The attacking team will position two attackers along the goal line (base left, base right) and a midfielder just inside the offensive zone.  Two defensemen will cover the crease in an "I" formation.  The offended midfielder (or someone on the field picked by the Coach) will advance the fast break.  All remaining midfielders from the offense and defense must retreat to behind the defensive GLE.  The ball is declared “Hot” immediately (no additional passes required) on the referees whistle, the fast break is initiated with all midfielders being released trailing the play.     
  • Each team must receive two passes within the offensive zone before the ball will be declared “Hot” by the Referee.  
  • No formal score or standing is kept.  Despite everyone’s best intentions, games sometime become obviously unbalanced.  In the spirit of cooperative learning, Coaches may agree to make the game more enjoyable for all by increasing the number of passes the leading team must complete before scoring or awarding the trailing team possession at midfield following goals.